Bitcoin (BTC) just passed $20,000 – Coinbase Courses

Bitcoin (BTC) just passed $20,000 so if your new to cryptocurrencies we recommend trying out Coinbase. It is full of courses with some you can even win different varieties of cryptocurrencies.

I personally have collected about 8 different types just by doing the courses. . Once you have passed the courses you receive and email telling you that you have new cryptocurrency added to your wallet on Coinbase. Its a great way to get started

Bitcoin (BTC) just passed $20,000 for the first time in history. Has there ever been a better time to learn about crypto?

Whether you’re new to the space or just want to learn more, Coinbase now provides the easiest way to get trusted, accurate, and timely crypto content, all in one place.

Visit  to find answers to your crypto questions, find out what’s new with the price of Bitcoin, learn crypto fundamentals, and much more.

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