Crypto Treasure Hunt

Everybody loves a treasure hunt, how about a crypto treasure hunt? the team at iHunt have prepared a really cool mobile phone game where players can search their local area and find treasures including cryptocurrency, real discounts, prizes and gift vouchers. 

Designed with players in mind the game is completely free to use and download with players finding all different types of characters and icons including dancing monkeys, treasure chests, coins, diamonds, billboards and other cool animated 3d rewards. 

Businesses can also get involved by providing deals or discounts to entice players into their local venue. Basically anyone can drop rewards and clues where ever they want to get additional foot traffic into their store or tourist spot. 

The games also offers other people who run their own cryptocurrency the ability to place their coin into the platform in a way to get coin or token awareness into the market. 

The native coin is called IHUNT and will be a special reward discovered ingame or sent by the token owner to your wallet. The token will be cheap to move around and use on decentralized exchanges because it has been built on the BSC network. The best place to get your IHUNT cryptocurrency is by reading the whitepaper and talking to the owner about the IHUNT.


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