Did you know that Microstrategy just purchased 2574 more Bitcoins that means they have roughly 40824!

MicroStrategy, a company which provides business intelligence, mobile software, and cloud-based services has just made another big Bitcoin purchase. News just in MicroStrategy have purchased 2,574 bitcoins for $50.0 million in cash bringing the technology company’s treasury holdings to approximately 40,824 bitcoins. That is an huge amount of Bitcoin to have invested in.


It is understood that cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase was the exchange that brokered MicroStrategy’s original bitcoin purchases, as CoinDesk previously reported.


Imagine storing those on a ledger! I wonder how they store them? Back in November MicroStrategy executives were  on the hunt for blockchain experts who could help the publicly traded firm build a suite of bitcoin data services.


In a recent interview Saylor explained “I know for a fact you can’t buy more than $35 million a day without people knowing, so there’s no freaking way there’s $24 billion trading,”

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