Have you ever wondered what is HODL?

You see the acronym HODL everywhere on forums and on twitter but what are the origins and what does it stand for? 

So today we are talking about cryptocurrency slang.  Another interesting point is how in the world would you pronounce it! Lucky enough most people dealing in cryptocurrency are keyboard bound rather than discussing it at the kitchen table (I could be wrong there).

Early research indicates it started when someone on a bitcoin forum made a spelling mistake for “HOLD” which makes sense because that can be an easy error to do. 

More research indicates that it stands for Hold On For Deal Life however I am not too sure about that as because that would be HOFDL. In any case the meaning is the same just hold your tokens or coins. 





Do you have a suggestion as to what it could stand for? Comment below with some funny ones!

So at the end of the day if the coin or token is headed south from a price point. Many bullish cryptocurrency folks will post in forums saying Hang on Hold on there are better days ahead. 

On the back of the creation of this funny term comes “Hodler”  A person who is holding for better later times is known as a Hodler another funny word. So if you are a Hodler you are one that holds on no matter what in times your coin or token is tanking. Hodler can also be typed as HODL’er just to confuse you more. 

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