Attrace ICO
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Attrace is the first fully decentralised affiliate marketing platform. The only in marketing with an entirely custom made blockchain build from scratch!
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Attrace is the first fully decentralised affiliate marketing platform. The only in marketing with an entirely custom made blockchain build from scratch! And fully open network capable of registering and auditing any advertisement click on chain. Affiliate marketing is payment based on sales achieved, a $13Billion market with large trust and tracking issues caused by middle man Affiliate Network. Attrace solves all trust and tracking issues, reduces fees with ~95% and promises instant market share in 2018.

Attrace is a decentralised affiliate marketing platform
The Attrace mission is to reinvent affiliate marketing by using blockchain technology in order to accurately

ATtribute & TRACE
every individual click in affiliate marketing.

Attrace is a custom made dedicated blockchain capable of registering and auditing any advertisement click on chain (sale or no-sale).

This concept enables anybody to start an agreement in affiliate marketing directly with a counter-party without a middleman involved.

Advantages of this concept are:

Problems solved

No more trust and transparency issues
No more tracking problems or tracking fraud
No more data privacy issues (GDPR, integration issues because of compliance)
No problems with future internet browser updates to improve privacy (e.g. ad blockers Safari)
Dramatically reduced network fees (from 15-45%! to 0.5-3%)
No more restrictions to participate in affiliate marketing (long-tail and emerging markets)
Adding value

Dynamic contracts (time, LTV, geo etc., more than two parties in one contract, more steps in tracking between click and sales)
Incentive for cookie spamming by Publisher removed
No more slow and complicated payments / credit risk (define rules and restrictions)
Direct communication between Publisher and Merchant
No exclusivity contracts
Facilitating the affiliate marketing industry with an Ecosystem for E-commerce

In Game Credit
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InGame Credit is an ERC20 smart contract based on the Ethereum main network. It is a cryptocurrency ecosystem designed to connect business, marketing companies, game players and crypto enthusiasts. A unique way to gain access to specified target audiences. InGame is part of location reward.


Businesses and the government are looking for a way to kickstart economies and generate new business. There is a need for businesses and the government to kickstart foot traffic and boost spending. Restaurants, tourism locations and retail are all looking for ways to kickstart spending and generate business at their locations.


INGAME credit is built from the ground up to create the ecosystem. INGAME is a ERC 20 Smart contract built on top of the Ethereum Mainnet. The project comprises of a combination of game building products including Unity3d, Android and IOS technologies are used for the game component. Latest enterprise database solutions are used in the stack including SSO (Single sign on) and authentication methods for across gaming functionality. The ecosystem includes an online shopping facility where the core team has selected Shopify for security and reliability. Technical details include: High speed, scalable, smart contract, secure. ERC20, Ethereum mainnet, mintable, burnable.

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PointPay is a UK-regulated company that has created an all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem of 5 working products. The one-stop fintech platform offers a full range of financial services within the first in the world PointPay Blockchain Bank enabling clients to earn daily compound interest on their holdings in bitcoin, dollar stable-coin and tokenized gold; PointPay Crypto Exchange with the custom design layout for traders and simplified cryptocurrency conversion option; PointPay Crypto Wallet designed for daily use by monitoring cryptocurrency price change in customer’s portfolio. PointPay has released PointPay Payment System letting customers settle the payments with their bank cards. Now everyone can conveniently buy and sell crypto for USD, RUB, and UAH with just a few mouse clicks. Just one account needed to start using all the PointPay products. Best Rates for Crypto. Debit and Credits cards. 50% referral bonus. The crypto ecosystem future is here. Applications ready August 2020.

2gether ICO
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2gether is developing the bank of the future, a future where; consumers take full ownership and control of the services they use, move beyond solely interacting with euros and dollars and fully embrace cryptocurrencies and digital assets, and augment their financial decisions through the use of exponential technologies like artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain. We are on a mission to change the way people interact with their finances. We are building a modern mutual organisation where everyone is an owner of their banking experience. Our team is based in one of the financial districts of Madrid. It consists of around 30 people and growing! Everything at 2gether happens in-house, starting from the development of our technology all the way to marketing

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Sustainability and prosperity for all. 2local is a loyalty platform powered by its own ultra-fast blockchain that supports local-2-local and sustainability, and is fully erc-721 compatible. It taps into banking with L2L native coin which is designed to rise in value by a pre-determined coin flow. The goal is to achieve a sustainable world with prosperity for all. The 2local platform has a payment app with a decentralized multi-currency wallet and a marketplace where consumers can connect with local-2-local and sustainable companies. A smart trading algorithm is part of the pre-determined coin flow to ensure a steady rising exchange rate. With selling and buying of the 2local coins is 33% of the coins held in stock. The profit of the rising exchange rate is used in the cashback system and operations. Creating and sharing value with its users and providing a free loyalty program. ‘of the people, by the people, for the people..