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InGame Credit is an ERC20 smart contract based on the Ethereum main network. It is a cryptocurrency ecosystem designed to connect business, marketing companies, game players and crypto enthusiasts. A unique way to gain access to specified target audiences. InGame is part of location reward.


Businesses and the government are looking for a way to kickstart economies and generate new business. There is a need for businesses and the government to kickstart foot traffic and boost spending. Restaurants, tourism locations and retail are all looking for ways to kickstart spending and generate business at their locations.


INGAME credit is built from the ground up to create the ecosystem. INGAME is a ERC 20 Smart contract built on top of the Ethereum Mainnet. The project comprises of a combination of game building products including Unity3d, Android and IOS technologies are used for the game component. Latest enterprise database solutions are used in the stack including SSO (Single sign on) and authentication methods for across gaming functionality. The ecosystem includes an online shopping facility where the core team has selected Shopify for security and reliability. Technical details include: High speed, scalable, smart contract, secure. ERC20, Ethereum mainnet, mintable, burnable.