What are the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges?

Listed in no particular order is our list of the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges. We go on to disclose what we like about the exchanges. Please feel free to comment and share your opinion or cast a vote. 

What are the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges or trading tools?

Coinbase: The reason why we like Coinbase is the way they engage with the user. The user experience is clean simple and fun. One of the best features with Coinbase is the way you can earn rewards for many of the ALT coins trying to get traction. 

The rewards are simple by simply completing a few videos and maybe a couple of test your free crypto is added to your portfolio. Within a few simple steps you can have a diversified range of cryptocurrency tokens and coins added to your Coinbase wallet

Its safe and secure as it such a popular cryptocurrency exchange. Its great for beginners as it does not appear to look like some of the crazy threatening exchanges out there. You know the ones that have crazy charts and figures going everywhere. So while making this blog post I thought I would log in and boom there’s some more rewards to be earned. Its super easy just give it a shot. 

Binance: A leading and also an entry level trading platform. You can easily trade on your mobile, desktop or even integrate with their easy to use API documentation. 

Binance offers 24/7 support and a good community to help you with your trading needs. 

Trade safely with Binance 

Cryptohopper: Not just a cool name it has a bunch of features including 


Portfolio Management this will save you time when logging into all your exchange accounts and losing track of profits/losses.  Cryptohopper helps you to manage your complete portfolio from the dashboard. That feature looks to be free of charge.


Automatic Trading  helps you gain control of trading outside of your timeframe. Sleep, emotions, and limited time are one of the few problems traders have. Your Hopper can scan up to 75 markets, 24/7.

HaasOnline: Just what is HaasOnline? HaasOnline started in 2014 and has been a strong leader in cryptocurrency trading. Thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, traders, professionals and institutional investors rely on HaasOnline as their primary  platform. HaasOnline products and technology are simple enough for any trader to use, yet robust enough to power some of the world’s most advanced automated trading algorithms.

If you are a cryptocurrency trader this platform automates functions by providing the right set of tools. Its feature is called Haasbot for automated trading. This is an automated trading bot that supports many of your favourite exchanges. 

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