What happens when Bitcoin runs out?

So what happens when Bitcoin supply runs out?

I have been thinking of this non stop as I can not put my finger on this. So help me out if you can. Here is what I have been thinking about:


Some information:

There are 21,000,000 Bitcoin. So here is the thing anyone who has traded stocks on stock exchanges would know 21 million shares in a company is absolutely tiny so keep that in mind as we talk about Bitcoin supply and demand and the problem it may cause. What I am suggesting is that compared to the hundreds of thousands of companies listed on stock exchanges the amount of Bitcoin (Translated to shares) is tiny its so small its not funny. 



Next challenge is …. Market cap vs shares available. Ok so show me companies on stock exchanges that have 21,000,000 shares in circulation that have Bitcoins Marketcap.  

Look I love Bitcoin but if you have demonstrated a company with 21,000,000 shares with a similar market cap you would have shown me a company that has enormous REVENUE. 

Ok so put that to one side… Lets forget revenue. Lets pretend Bitcoin is a commodity.  Lets compare it to gold a safe stock economies turn to in panic times. To my knowledge commodities do not produce revenue… the companies surrounding that commodity may but not the material itself. 

Here is what I find interesting and there are crazy claims here:

There are only 21,000,000 Bitcoin (That’s not very many) What will happen when Bitcoin runs out?

Bitcoin did have a shady past with many criminals using it to trade as alleged with Silk road traders. My question is how many Bitcoin were lost by criminals. Look I think there are smart criminals out there however if you watch the news and listen carefully I am guessing that there are lots of drug affected low level criminals that had no idea what Bitcoin actually was and at that time would have accepted it for payment not knowing what the future held. Not only would they not know what its current value was they would not know how to access it now…Meaning lost Bitcoin. 


OK so dumb drug effected criminals can not access the old Bitcoin. The reason I raise this is that it takes away from the supply that is currently in the Bitcoin market.  Read more below:


Ledger Live Coinify

So what happens when Bitcoin supply runs out?

So Bitcoin is slowly running out! Criminals have some who has the rest?

  • Big institutions: As reported big companies and institutions are now rushing to secure Bitcoin… Why… Well It could be because they are hedging their bets. Another reason with all due respect Bitcoin is “Cool”.  So if its cool and perhaps necessary well then why risk missing out and looking bad. The old FOMO but at a corporate level. 

So you have corporates, and criminals soaking up the supply so far. What is next…. Here is what:

Community: Ok so go to twitter and type in the explore button “Cryptocurrency” There is thousands of posts every hour. 

The average punter is excited about cryptocurrency and bitcoin is the first go to crypto. 

The average punter can never afford one BTC, lets face it at 20,000 its out of most folks reach to get involved. So they finally work out that they can just buy a portion of the BTC. So then you have millions of people buying LITTLE bits of Bitcoin.

That’s fine! go for it! Invest jump in do your thing. But what is actually happening is Bitcoin as an ecosystem then introduces a risk with newbies…Newbies are likely to invest just a little… They are more likely to loose their wallets, forget about it, forget their seed or if there is a crash mentally just say … You know what worth the gamble and completely forget about the tiny amount of Bitcoin they bought. 

Ok so my point is that the total amount of supply is draining and getting smaller and smaller. Corporates, Criminal and Community so far. 

Next is Wallets! Ok so just talking personally… I have a dozen different wallets across different platforms and I bet I am not alone. I have Coinbase, Binance, Free Faucets, Metamask for me to actually work out my total Bitcoin I would have ZERO idea. I did not do this on purpose its just due to the structure and I am not consolidating the Bitcoin it is not worth it on a small level. 

So my point is there are various factors that are reducing the supply…What happens when supply dries up… UP down UP down… Hmmm 



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