What is Satochi Nakamoto’s net worth?

This all depends if it is a single person or a group, however detective work looking at the active early wallets indicate that Satochi Nakamoto’s net worth in 2020 /21 would be around $20,000,000 USD. This means that if as predicted the price of bitcoin goes up to $115,000 then Satochi Nakamoto;s net worth would be the richest person on the planet. At its peak Bitcoin made Satoshi the 56th richest person in the world.  It is believed that Satoshi Nakamoto owns 1 million plus bitcoins. Very little is known about the Bitcoin creator whether its a person or a group of people however. Time will tell if the truth behind Satoshi will be  revealed and is Satochi spending his or her bitcoins?

People also ask has Satochi Nakamoto died? A news story ran in 2017 claiming that he has died in a hotel in Japan. Most critics of the news article claim it is fake with the assumption that if they knew who he was then he or she would have been discovered a long time ago. What happens when all 21,000,000 coins either get lost in cyberspace (lost wallets and keys). If you can not create more supply will bitcoin serve a purpose or will the trophy for the top cryptocurrency move to another token or coin?

Was Hal Finney actually Satochi Nakamoto? Is another interesting theory that is in the air. However if Finney was Satochi how do you explain the emails sent between them? Or perhaps that was just part of the elaborate plan to disguise the creator of Bitcoin.

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