Which hedge fund has quietly been buying 1 Billion dollars of cryptocurrencies

Which hedge fund has been buying over a billion dollars in crypto?

Eric Peters (chief executive officer of One River Asset Management) said in an interview he set up a new company to take the opportunity on the growing interest in cryptocurrencies among institutional investors. In addition to its initial purchases, One River Digital Asset Management has commitments that will bring its holdings of Bitcoin and Ether to about $1 billion as of early 2021, he said. Mr Peters also noted he was drawn to cryptocurrency because of the volatility in financial markets. 

Who is Alan Howard?  Alan is a British billionaire hedge fund manager. Alan Howard has backed hedge fund One River Digital Asset Management in their purchase of both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Alan Howard was on the New York Federal Reserve’s investor advisory committee on financial markets and is one of a group of financial managers, who on occasion, advised New York Federal Reserve officials on economic policy.


On a similar topic there is another investor with One River Digital is the UK-based investment giant Ruffer LLP. Ruffer recently disclosed its 2.5%p position in Bitcoin calling it “a small but potent insurance policy against the continuing devaluation of the world’s major currencies.”



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Who is Eric Peters? Eric is the Chief executive officer of One River Asset Management. Eric leads One River Asset Management, an SEC registered investment advisor, managing capital for a number of the industry’s most highly regarded institutions. The firm identifies emerging thematic investment opportunities, constructs distinct multi asset-class hedge-fund portfolios to profit from the themes, implements those portfolios for its clients, and then actively manages the exposures. 

Clients work in collaboration with One River, utilizing this innovative capability to access precise market exposures, within a transparent, highly-liquid, cost-effective format, at a timing of their choosing. The 13 person firm’s operational infrastructure is built upon technology that is robust, flexible and highly scalable; enabling clients to construct a wide range of bespoke products to achieve their unique investment and business objectives. (Source Linkedin and Wikipedia) 


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